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Why choose plaster over drywall


 • Plaster is much harder than drywall. This makes for a far more durable wall surface.


 • Plaster has a cement base which makes it more fire-resistant then drywall.


 • With plaster we cover the entire surface which helps with soundproofing. With drywall you

   can actually sand the joint compound with your bare hand. It has no strength to it. If the wall

   gets wet is it good chance it needs to be replaced because your wall is still a paper wall with

   paint on it.


The plaster trade is a unique trade. Most of our workers have more than 10 years experience. They are the Premier Master Craftsman. Call us today for a free estimate!


We service the entire State of Massachusetts, including Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and more!


We perform the following Plastering, Painting, & Carpentry  services:

• Plastering walls in your new or current home

• Repair plastered walls and ceilings

• Custom plastering jobs inside or outside your building

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