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Premier Plastering Contractor in Massachusetts

Why Jim Pike Plastering there are so many companies that you can choose from how do you know who to choose, many companies leave a very good quality, but there are many that are straight up hackers. The problem with that it will cost you double the money to fix a job that went bad it's very important to get it right the first time. We have the highest skilled craftsmen in the business, so let me make this decision easy for you, the reason you would want to go with Jim Pike Plastering is not only are you going to get an excellent job, but you will not have to make the final payment until you are completely satisfied with the job because we want you 100 percent satisfied that's the way we do things. And once you have worked with us for one job you will never look for another plaster again..


Special skills, wire lathe is by far the most complicated work in the plastering trade. Our tradesmen will leave you in awe when you see how they take something that looks impossible and turn it into something beautiful.


One important factor of having a quality job most people give no consideration are the people who hang the blue board knowing where to put the seams this will prevent cracking in the future long after we're gone many people find this to be a problem after they've moved into their house we are excellent at keeping cracks to a bare minimum..


We are reliable we are very professional and it will be hard to find anyone who could do a better job. We are not the cheapest were definitely not the most expensive but we are the best I have been doing this a long time so feel free to call for an estimate any questions you may have we are here for you..


Owner,  James Pike


Three statements that describe our company.


• We are trusted. We have a long list I was very satisfied customers.


• Pride, we pride ourselves on giving the customer the best possible work possible.


• Professionalism, sets us apart from the rest, we are clean, and fast. We know  we're

  on schedule and understand how important this is to a contractor. If the contractor has

  scheduled other Tradesmen to be on the job site for a certain day we will get it done.


We service the entire State of Massachusetts, including Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and more!


We perform the following Plastering, Painting, & Carpentry  services:

• Plastering walls in your new or current home

• Repair plastered walls and ceilings

• Custom plastering jobs inside or outside your building

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